Pinch Point

I lost my devise.  I looked in all the jacket pockets and I looked in various bags, and all around the house, though I suspected it dropped from my purse when I was tromping along deer trails by the river because when I got home, I gasped, seeing the purse's outside pocket hanging open.

I thought about going back, to retrace my steps, but it turned very cold.  I kept imagining going down there and seeing it, laying among leaves, so yesterday morning after walking my daughter to school, I headed for the river, fast because it was so cold.  

I couldn't remember exactly where I left the trail, but it didn't really matter.  It had snowed to the point where nothing could be found.

Today, after giving in entirely to the idea of never seeing it again, I found it at the bottom of a purse I rarely use. I jumped up and down, celebrating finding what it turns out I never really lost.  



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