Art School Teacher: Mindfulness Class

I asked the students what they thought we should do in mindfulness class and one suggested we plant something.  So today she brought in dirt and another student brought in seeds and I scrounged some containers from the art room.

One girl didn't want to touch the dirt because she thought it was gross so I encouraged her to stick her arm in and pull out a handful though she only managed to pinch a small bit between the fingers.

We played with the dirt and smelled it and studied the seeds and planted them and accidentally sprayed them with rubbing alcohol.

The girl who didn't want to touch the dirt, the same one who said she hates meditation because of her ADHD, was unusually lively and kept apologizing that she forgot to take her meds this morning.

When I asked them to draw the dirt, she said she can't draw anything, but then she drew the dirt and said she could draw it because it's all lines, shapes, dots.

I've never seen her smile so easy like she did today talking about how she hates dirt and can't draw anything.

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