Downtown Dreamscapes

I dream of things going wrong and almost missing the flight, and flying so low we land on the interstate.  I dream of driving through landscapes of animals I've never seen before, giant panda like pachyderms with fluffs of white whiskers, flocks of jellyfish birds, and everywhere, monkeys.

I dream of climbing from one gigantic tree to another, trying to make it back to the ground.  I dream of driving on roads impossibly steep and impassible.  I dream of beaches where the waves are so massive and unpredictable that people are constantly getting washed out to sea.  I dream of living on the other side of the world, on an island flat against the sea with strips of abandoned houses.

I dream of being launched into space with no return date.  I dream of biking through a fancy neighborhood with curving streets and oddly shaped houses.  I dream of getting lost on the subway and running to catch a train and searching car after car for a seat.  I dream of large sea creatures swimming under me.

I dream of tremendously large galleries that house art works make of water.  I dream of concerts in strange parts of town.  I dream of finding Burning Man in the middle of the city and devising ways to sneak in and the labyrinth of buildings we get lost in and the giant roller coasters we ride and the bridges to nowhere and never reaching The Man.  

I dream of being chased through an endless maze of backyards and alleyways.  I dream of being in Africa and going to Carnot and finding a thriving city and going downtown to ask about Pauline and being amazed by all the restaurants and cinemas and tall buildings and driving through a suburb of crowded highways until I finally find her, in a cement house with electricity and carpets and a stove.  

I dream of hiking along a dangerous trail that winds into the mountains where it's permanently winter.  I dream of tornadoes spinning closer as I run to find refuge in vast empty buildings.  I dream of skyscrapers falling.  I dream of a house with an olympic sized pool and bedrooms up staircases we forget were even there.  

I dream of being on a road trip in a strange car with tiny windows.  I dream of being on a bus and not knowing where to get off and a beach town with a giant festival and a long winding path through tall grasses leading to the alley where all the workers hang out.  I dream of driving through office buildings, trying to find the parking garage.  

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