From the Appleton Improvisation Underground Comes HOUDINI, an All Genre Rock Opera Biography about the World's Favorite Escape Artist

My father Rabbi Weiss
stood before the minion
his sarcastic glances glimmering

his confusing humor shimmering
he liked to laugh at pain

My father, Rabbi Weiss
stood before the minion
as they told him to move on

his German was too old fashioned
my father Rabbi Weiss
stood upon the bema

weeping under the vaulted ceilings
of that cold cold Temple Zion

goodbye Temple Zion
goodbye Appleton
goodbye Mr. Hanauer

it’s time for Rabbi Weiss to move on.

tad neuhaus: ukulele, organ guitar, steel drum
joanna dane: vocals
(other tracks with matt turner)

Thank you John Adams for curating Feather and Bone at this year's most fabulous Mile of Music

and thank you Ronald and Christoph Wahl of Wahl Organbuilders, current residents of Temple Zion

*HOUDINI now available at record stores near you

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