Writing Class on the First Day of Spring

He walks in circles tapping on his laptop.

The class goes outside.

The teacher writes instructions.

She raises her hand to ask if she may leave early.

His pencil lead breaks.

The wind blows the leaves, distracting her.

He lies on the grass even though it is wet.

She wonders what he is writing.

He wonders what she is writing.

There are 15 students in the class.

One does a cartwheel and wipes her hands on her pants.

A crow sits on the wire and caws.

He is walking in circles tapping on his laptop.

She is listening to her favorite band.

She is worrying that she isn't doing the assignment correctly.

The assignment is to write from another character's perspective.

She races across the wet grass.  She has a big smile.
She stubs her toe on a rock.

She puts her arm around her friend.

He can't stop thinking about the shoes.

She can't stop picking at her fingernails.

He is day dreaming about skipping school.

One of the students refuses to go outside.

Students inside the building open the windows.

As soon as the sounds of cars going by almost fades away,
more cars come from the other direction.

Many students with cameras come outside.

She is annoyed because one of the students with a camera
is standing very close to her while she is trying to write.

He is happy because a girl he likes to look at
is in the class with the cameras and
she is yelping and jumping across the wet grass.

The old teacher wearing a red shirt and black pants
eats popcorn and shares it with a student,
letting him put his hand inside the bag.

Now they are locked out.

Now the teacher says she is lazy.

Now she is on a roll.

Now he is distracted by a game.

Now the teacher checks the time.

The flag makes dancing shadows across the school.

The bell rings.

He is both relieved and disappointed.

No one is quite satisfied with what they wrote.

Everyone goes back inside,
except for one student who does not.

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