Thank You Note to Our Dear Cousins

Hello and thank you!
It was so nice of you to invite us to stay at your fine house!
(I didn't even see any mice!  Haha!)
It was a true delight to share a slice of your L.A. life,
and the true spice of your lives:
Zacko Wacko Mimbo Zimbo Slimbo Limbo Zachary Zoo!
Come and visit anytime,
(Ice with your slice of lemon?
Maybe we can have rice, twice!)
But remember,
no matter how you splice it, 
we remain imprecisely,
The Danes
(I hope that will suffice.)

1 comment:

  1. hmmmm. That drawing makes me wonder if perhaps you "let the bed bugs bite". From the Bear Infested West Hill.