Wife and Husband Stories: Year 14

The husband is annoyed with the wife because he has been stuck doing all the shoveling.  The wife is annoyed with the husband for being annoyed because recently she has been doing all the work in the kitchen.

The wife says she'll walk the dog early in the morning.  Instead she sleeps in.  Now the husband, who has gotten over his annoyance about the shoveling, is newly annoyed with the wife for not following through on her commitment to the dog.

The wife is annoyed because she feels she has been making a great effort to be kind and generous, and this is how she is rewarded?

The wife, while making forays into Buddhist philosophy, is disturbed to discover that the root of her annoyance is not the husband at all.  It is she who is allowing herself to be annoyed, repeating the plot lines that prove how annoying the husband is, to friends, to strangers, to reflections in the window.

So real these stories become, that they shadow whatever truth they sprung from.  Sometimes she is even annoyed when he is being nice.  If only it were easy to be grateful and appreciative, she would certainly be so more often.  As it is, she forgets.  She's annoyed at her own inabilities to be more loving and understanding.

The wife excitedly tells the husband about this new way of thinking, of how she is now accepting blame for her own annoyances.  She suggests he give it a try himself.

This annoys the husband, her being so self-righteous.

This annoys the wife.


  1. hahaha. yes. this is marriage to a t (tee?). marriage is so annoying.

    1. Every time I write one of these, my husband says he's afraid I might be pigeon holing myself as the husband bashing wife. Whose fault is that?