The Small of Big Things

Vernon was talking about his philosophy, about how artists are big people, big brave people with big ideas.  That's why he paints on enormous canvases.  That's why he is looking for affordable studio space.  To his left, Meredith with her book of poetry "Small Things," and to his right, us with our tiny songs, and John with his minuscule photographs.  And look here, a CD I bought at a concert last week by drummer Don Nichols, "Station of Small Sounds," and a literary journal asking for submissions to their next issue with the theme of (what else?): Small Things.

If Vernon is right, and artists are big people with big things to say, why are we all feeling so small? Could it be this new frontier we hold in our palms?  It used to be that we only felt the vastness of the universe when we stared at the stars. Now it's so close, we can touch it, every voice altering the course of a global conversation so vast, we've learned it's possible to give each voice only a few moments of our time.

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