The Arrangement - Annotated*

"The Arrangement" was originally to appear with the following captions,
Until the yenta discovered them,
And grew furious,
Especially with the part about Beary not liking Emma's driving.  
She accused me of making it sound like they hate each other.  
I said it wasn't really about the bears,
but about married life in general.  
That made her even more angry.
"It's not about you!" she screamed.
Pointing out that, technically, it is my blog didn't make it any better.
She's right of course.  
I am using Emma's and Beary's story 
to advance my own,
most shamefully
while they are still only engaged.


For years, Beary had been deeply misunderstood.
Emma didn't immediately understand either.
He had some strange ways.
Both found sharing a challenge. 
Laughter helped.
And long talks.
Still, Beary doesn't care for her driving.
But there are other things to like.
They make a good team.
It's the lack of privacy that Emma finds the most difficult adjustment.
Emma insists there's enough kids around to play with already.
Beary disagrees.

(The Original Captions to The Arrangement, as found by the yenta.

*originally posted 11/23/13

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