Top Ten Reasons Why People Are Into Top Ten Lists

10.  Ten is a nice round number.

9.  More than ten is too many, less than ten is too few.

8.  Alliteration. 

7.  Lists are easier to digest than paragraphs.

6.  Lists are fun to write.

5.  The anticipation of the count down.

4.  Top ten lists are generally funnier than top eight lists.

3.  The middle ten is not as noteworthy as the top ten.

2.  Most of us have ten fingers.

1.  We like to cross things off.

*images gleaned from the community art project at the Elaborate Bungle show


  1. 0 is rounder. How about a top 0 list? Top 0 reasons we need more top 10 lists from Whimsy: 0:

  2. Or how about a top :) list? Top :) reasons we should smile: Number :) "because, dammit" :)