Ode to Biffy

Some may wonder what ever happened to Biffy.  She was here and then she was gone.  Biffy is like that, a chameleon, a snake, a viper, a cloud, a flower.  Biffy is all the things that worry us late at night and all the things that make us laugh in the daylight.  Biffy is simply Biffy, a conundrum, a quirk, a quagmire, a flirt.  She is Aunt Lynn's nemesis.  You never know where Biffy might turn up: at the grocery, at the library, at the bank, at the movies?!  And if you are so lucky to find her, sing to her an ode that begins, "Biffy, oh Biffy, where have you been?" and ends, "Biffy, oh Biffy, here you are!" and has some verses in the middle that each conclude with a "La, la, la!"  There is nothing Biffy likes more than being sung to in public, especially quiet places where singing of any sort (and admiring odes in particular) makes people very nervous. Biffy is as Biffy was and will forever be even if she is no longer Biffy and is someone else entirely.  Keep searching, my friend, and you will find that Biffy is exactly where you always knew but never could figure out who and why she always was.

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