Mid-Western Housewife Feels Cool When Twenty-Something Friend Claims She's the Coolest Forty-Year-Old She Knows

Even though Janet Kay Delmar is pushing 43, she reported feeling "very cool" when her friend Emma Kelly Mickelson called out, "You're the coolest forty-year-olds I know!" before leaving Delmar's party on Friday. "I think there was only guy there who was actually 40," Delmar said.  "But still, we all took it as a high compliment."

Delmar, along with her friends, Timmy Norman and Marcus Tuscany (both older than Delmar) showcased their band at the party.  "We've been playing together for a couple of years now, so we wanted to play for our friends," Delmar explained.  Norman also reported feeling good about being called cool by someone so young.  "Sometimes you wonder if kids like that even know you exist." Tuscany though expressed some dismay that Mickelson didn't realize he is closer to fifty.  "If she knew how old we really are, would she still think we are cool?"

When asked if Mickelson was the coolest twenty-something Delmar knows, Delmar admitted she doesn't know that many twenty-somethings.  "We mostly hang out with people who have kids, and most twenty-year-olds aren't too interested in that.  So yeah, I'd have to say she is because she is willing to hang out with us."

Norman, Delmar, and Tuscany being cool.

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  1. Emma's eye looked toward the floor. She had hoped for better when she made the off-hand remark about cool. Like, you are cool because you are so uninhibited or because your slender body catches every eye or...well, she could go on, she will go on as she hikes over the the cafe to catch up with some real people, not these elderly ingrates, a phrase she immediately likes and will turn into a lyric later in the evening. Grandpa J. -- not yet cool after all these years.