X-Ray Vision

The writer tells you that she can't make anything up, that she isn't good at that, but then she tells you she hates sticking to the facts.  She tells you things, that if you know her, you recognize to be true.  But then she tells you things that surprise you about her, and if you know her, you think, "I didn't know that about her," because you so easily forget that she said she hates sticking to the facts.  For some reason that you have never been able to discern, it is much more interesting if the story is true and not made up, even though you know that often times, it is more "real" when the writer makes it up rather than sticking to the facts.  Trying to sort through your ideas on this issue turns your thoughts to knots. It seems like it should be very simple, yet, when you get too deeply entwined, you wonder what does that even mean, "sticking to the facts." So ofter your facts have proven to be completely different from the facts of another witness, making it difficult to unravel what is real and what is not, "real" being as slippery as an eel.

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