Bigsley and Bernadette: Karaoke Night

How is it that certain birds fall into the good fortunes Bigsley did that winter? Some might call it dumb luck. But Bigsley preferred to credit his wit and disposition. He felt like Zorba in Crete. At any moment he might take up the santuri. Every room brightened when Bigsley walked in. The senior gals especially dug him. Never had he known such carefree days, strutting the beaches, lunching with the all-female bingo clubs and bridge groups, starring in every karaoke night on the strip.

To what should a bird give credit for such positive turns in one's life?  Two for one cocktails for starters. But Bigsley was pretty sure it was all those years of good karma that he had been dishing out, finally paying off.

And what kind of a bird discovers in his arch enemy, Herman "the Chirpster" Stutterbird, his musical soul mate? A bird like Bigsley. It had started off as a dare by Bernadette their first night south of the 15th parallel. That was all the boys needed. They alighted on the stage and sang the most moving version of "Endless Love" that anyone had ever heard. Now it's their go-to song at the close of the night. Almost always, they get a standing ovation. Here they are at El Piqueno Perico on the edge of the sea, where the tiki lights glow, the warm winds blow, and the margaritas are cheap.

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