The Wheel of Righteous Indignation

A) Any exasperated assertion of a loved one's weakness:  "Why doesn't he ever turn off the lights?!"

B) Justification of assertion with damning evidence:  "He's 'Mr. Sustainability' and he leaves lights on in every room in the house!"

C) Smug assertion of superior moral position. "But I will turn them off and then let it go."

D) Justification of moral superiority with a superior act. "I will accept him for who he is."

E) Inevitable conclusion. "I am better than he is."


  1. There's a technological solution for most marital problems. To wit: Low-energy motion sensing light bulbs.

    Great stocking stuffer.

    1. One might also seek out the robo-vaccuum cleaner and disposable underwear, although I have a clear preference for red wine. Life is a series of work-arounds: the duct tape approach to living. Still, these lack the satisfaction of silent suffering.

      Grandpa John