Ten Out of Ten Bubbies Agree: Their First Born Grandson is a Genius

We could tell from the first moment we saw our Arron: Top reading group! 

The very first time Elias touched a piano he played Mozart without a single mistake.

Benny knows more than his teachers.

Sylvia will tell you that her Michael is so brilliant, but it was our Michael who got a perfect score on the SAT.

Gabriel was reading at an eighth grade level when he was six.

Jacob won the spelling bee, the geography bee, the history bee, the geology bee, the biology bee.
But he doesn't let it go to his head.  He is a very nice boy.

Noah, my bubala.  Ongestupt with brains!

Seth is going to be a surgeon, but you know, he could have been a concert violinist.

I've never seen a boy count like Elijah.  They say Einstein was the same way at his age.

I know all the grandmas like to say it about their grandchild.  But in my case, it's true.
Daniel really is a genius.

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