Happy Biffy's Birthday

It's Biffy's birthday today.  I know because my husband told me, not because I can remember such things.  Biffy has this weird talent for remembering people's birthdays.  Once she went around the table at a big dinner party and said everyone's birthday.  She didn't just rattle them off, but took a long time hawing around.  So it wasn't that impressive.  Still.  I don't even know her birthday even though it's today.  December someteenth.  The date has always been challenging for me.  Probably because it's always changing.

Good thing I bought Biffy that purse made by mentally handicap adults out of clothes the Goodwill couldn't sell.  I know it doesn't sound like anything very special.  But it is.  The strap is an old belt that you can adjust just like a belt around your waist.  So that's pretty cool.

Nothing can top Biffy's 30th, though, when we surprised her with gift cards to the grocery store because her life was on the brink of imploding, or rather had already imploded, and we thought gift cards to the grocery would be much more helpful than edible undies from Pure Pleasure, which is what we usually got her.  Oh boy, did she cry!

And even though I know that Biffy stopped reading the blog when I started posting "Sheila's Nose" ("Snoozer" I think was her comment*), I'm pretty sure she'll check it today because it's her birthday and she'll know there's a small chance my husband mentioned that fact since she called to remind us yesterday when I was at the YMCA, which he did, and an equally small chance that I'll mention her here, which I am.

I was going to post a birthday drawing but realized that I already posted the one birthday drawing I have to celebrate my own one month blogiversary, and since I'm feeling kind of lazy and have a few other things to do besides making birthday drawings, I'll just post this photo I took of my husband the other day for you-know-who because I know it will make Biffy laugh because she thinks he's a pretty funny guy.  And a good laugh is better than a socially responsible purse that hasn't even been mailed yet, any day.

Happy Birthday This!

*Biffy says that she can't possibly be interested in anything I post unless it is about her, which is why I wrote her into "Sheila's Nose", though she doesn't really believe I did, but thinks that's just a ploy to get her to read it which it might be, but isn't, depending on your perspective.  


  1. Big D looks like he's straight out of a conga line in an (a? - you edit it, JKD) SNL skit!

    Happy Bday, Biffy, whoever you are.

  2. I have to disagree...I think the ratteling off of birthdays around the table was super impressive. Who remembers that kinda stuff? Just our little Biffy. That, coupled with being able to tie a cherry stem with your tongue? Wow. Just wow. Three cheers for the Biffster!

  3. that purse sounds lovely...