Thanks Giving

Thank you for making me come along when all 
I wanted to do was stay behind.  Thank you for 
not saying anything when you had so much to say.  
Thank you for stopping by even though it was too late.  
Thank you for not making a big deal out of something that was.  
Thank you for bringing salad, wine, and dessert 
when we specifically said just bring your funny selves.  
Thank you for calling when I didn't want to talk 
to anyone.  Thank you for not telling anyone about 
that terribly embarrassing thing I said.  And even if you did, 
I still thank you.  Thank you for over looking 
spelling errors and forgiving grammar gaffs.  Thank you 
for not taking seriously anything I may happen to write about you 
even if it happens to be true.  Thank you for not making
me fess up.  Thank you for lowering your expectations.
Thank you for knowing when to cut out.  Thank you for not being there
that day I was really pissed off.  Thank you for playing music
with me.  Thank you for not passing judgement.  
Thank you for letting my kids play at your house for six straight hours 
most Saturdays.  Thank you for your comments.
Thank you for ignoring those little indiscretions.  
Thank you for making me laugh.  Thank you for laughing.
Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you for letting me sleeping in.  Thank you for your 
enthusiasm for those things I have no enthusiasm for.    
Thank you for asking me to go to the dog park with you 
even though I always say no.  Thank you for knowing 
I thank you even when there is no thank you letter.  
Thank you for allowing me to go too far.  Thank you 
for thanking me even when no thanks are required.
Thank you for inviting me to eat your delicious cooking.
Thank you for not caring too much that I broke your dining room chair.
Thank you for reading when you should be sleeping.  

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