A Matter of Fashion

“That’s what you’re wearing?” the husband asks. 
“Yes.  Why?” says the wife.
“It’s fine if you’re homeless,” he says.
“This is a nice skirt.  It’s Italian.”
“But you’re wearing it over pants.”
“It’s cold outside.  Who wears a skirt without pants in this weather?”

The wife and husband go to pick up their daughter at school.  They pass a googly eyed mother in the lobby.  She is wearing a vibrant flannel onesie. The googly-eyed mom sees the wife and lights up.  “Yay!” she says with a thumbs up.  “Skirts over pants is the only way to go!”

           "See?" says the wife, backhanding the husband across the chest.
           "See?" says the husband, patting the wife on the back.


  1. For a guy who I've seen dress a little business preppy, a little Red Green, and/or a little Patagonia chic, what else would you expect? Did he not appreciate and learn, living in CF, that any style goes if the wearer is comfortable in one's skin? P.S. I can't remember what they looked like, exactly, but I hope you still have the shoes (Mason Shoe tent sale specials?) that prompted him to lovingly query "How many crazy pairs of shoes does one crazy woman need?" As they say, YOU GO, GIRL!

  2. That googly eyed woman looks a bit Simpsonesque. Are you sure you have not moved to Springfield?


  3. Honeybee,

    Your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate parties.

    Thank you for your keen observations.

  4. TW,

    Believe you me, we aren't far from Springfield.