high school haiku (free verse)

the bell rings
joyous reunions
lockers slamming

new clothes though unsure
where to go for homeroom
searching for a friend

old teacher shocked
how short the girls’ skirts 
how long the boys' hair

leaves falling
sweater weather
dreaming of kissing

teacher announces quiz
students groan
fooled again!

the first snow
everyone at the windows
lessons abandoned

loud speaker blaring
report to the auditorium
students slump, yawning

passing in the hall
hands briefly touching
hearts loudly thumping

after the students
exit the auditorium
a glove left on a seat

smells of tater tots
fish sticks and ketchup;

absurd high schoolers
wondering what is absurd
and deciding everything

thick snow falling
praying for a snow day
instead, school

oh no! forgot
to study for the test

muddy tracks through snow
a paper tumbling, a cold wind
winter school yard

day dreaming in class
notes passing, hearts breaking
teacher calling for attention

hallway empty
except one student
head bent, crying

warm sun, robins call
after school students loiter
holding coats, laughing

windows open wide
last day of school, finally!
the lake beckons

staying out late with friends
cicadas calling
hoping summer never ends


  1. Wonderful haiku and illustrations!

    1. This is so evocative. I can now imagine for a few moments the experience of adolescence and school - and the grueling midwestern winter weather.