Bookmark: The second of Lady Murasaki's six-book masterpiece, The Tale of Genji, the world's first novel, written in 11th century Japan

Prince Genji is finally returning from his long exile on the stormy coast.
How he has missed his Murasaki,
the young beauty he kidnapped when she was still a girl
so he could watch her mature.
Shame on you Prince Genji! 
Exiled as punishment for all those unseemly affairs,
and yet the worst still secret! 
The emperor's wife,
 the heir apparent,
such a striking resemblance to
the handsome Prince Genji.

Has Prince Genji learned his lesson?
He swears no more,
so happy to be returning home to his Murasaki,
so sad to be leaving
the old priest's daughter
in such a fragile state.

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