what is a voice in a chorus of artists

what is a voice in a chorus of artists
what is the purpose of a painting
is it possible to understand a work all on its own
is there a separation between my words and yours
how to understand an image you’ve never seen before
when your words inspire me to try to find my own
do you feel proud humble vulnerable
what responsibilities do you bear when you claim to be an artist
when setting sail do you focus on a narrow course
or travel wherever the wind blows
what is your intention when putting pen to paper

what is a voice in a chorus of artists
can i really claim my voice as my own
isn’t it true that if i stay open and attentive to an underlying current
i can become one with the rhythm of an ancient tide
how do you enter the flowing river
do you dip in a toe
do you cling to a root
do you regret never learning to swim
do you let yourself go and hope for the best
do you find fault in what has no right or wrong
it’s not always easy to honor without getting bent out of shape
how true so often what we honor is not the other or the whole
but some warped view of our own egos
is it better to blend in or to stick out in a crowd

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