36 Questions for Take Me to the River

What do you hear when you listen to the river?
In the currents can you hear voices from your past?
When the seagulls cry do you hear the ocean?
In a storm, broken hearts?
What sound does the river make in the thick of night?
When your thoughts turn to your deepest concerns?

What do you see where the river meets the sky?
How deep beyond reflections can you see?
What is the opposite of now?
Can a river flow more than one way?
What secrets does the river conceal?
What stories do you read in its waves?

How to reveal the meaning of the river?
Why is our awareness so fleeting?
Can you feel the river in your bones?
How long do you sit by the river before turning to other things?
How to understand that my arm is not mine?
What makes a river what it is?

What is your connection to the river?
What is the song you sing whenever i’m around?
If we walk by the river, will you hold my hand?
Can you imagine a time before this river was born?
When the sky and earth were one?
Can you imagine how a river is always home?

When do you think about the river?
When do you crave its song?
How often do you make your way to the river?
Have you ever been to where the river is born?
Have you ever floated its length?
Have you ever traveled to its end?

Have you considered this river of thought?
This river of vein? This river of sewer?
Can a rock be a river?
Is the sky a river?
What about this moment?

Are you and i a river?

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