Ode to Charlie Parr

when your daddy asked you to play
the record off the top of your dinosaur castle

you didn't know the power in those grooves
until you heard in that song your own heart beating

watching your daddy take on the badger 
with a six pack and a shotgun

Oh Charlie,
you found the tap root

with the teachers scolding
and shaking their heads
when will he ever learn?

Oh, that Charlie!
feels it deep in the bones

and when he sings a song
you know it grows 
from all our marrow

Oh Charlie,

thank you for playing
for traveling all these miles
for ditching out of school

for showing us how to see

that we all have dreams
of scrapping it all
for a sailboat on the open ocean

Oh Charlie,

in your songs I hear voices
of those dead and gone souls
their spirits rattling though you

Oh Charlie,

we wish you a safe journey home

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