Don't Forget to Make a Very Tiny House for Imagine City Park!

Start today!

Make a Very Tiny House


Very Tiny House Exhibit

Saturday May 30th

Appleton, Wisconsin

Register your very tiny house at the City Park pavilion starting at 7:30am 

and stick around to watch the exhibit grow!

What is a very tiny house?

A very tiny house is not a huge house, though inevitably there will be some huge very tiny houses.  A very tiny house is definitely not a regular sized house nor even a tiny house.  Some people have taken to living in tiny houses which in some parts of the world, or at other times, are regular sized houses.  A very tiny house is tinier than a tiny house, but then again, some tiny houses are so tiny, that they might be the same size as (or even smaller than!) a very large very tiny house.   

Are there limits to how very tiny or how huge a very tiny house can be?

Some very tiny houses will be very big, and some very tiny houses will be so very tiny that some people will debate whether they are indeed very tiny houses or whether they are something much tinier than that. 

How does a person know if a very tiny house is actually a very tiny house or something else all together?  Like a very large carrot?

Very large carrots are sometimes large enough to be very tiny houses if correctly handled and meticulously prepared.  Though sometimes, very tiny houses, even ones made out of very large carrots, are just figments of the imagination.

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