Are You Ready for the Improv 2020's? Guideline #5: Play Outside

I've always had this obsession with steel drums.  Where I hear them, I go running to see.  I'm the same way with bagpipes and didgeridoo and gamelan and anyone playing music of any kind outside including little kids with kazoos.  An early, powerful influence was this bit from Sesame Street:

I can recall every detail of its brilliance, how he explains to the kids that everything has rhythm, how the old white man is at his service, this very hip dude riding in the carriage playing steel drums to the beat of the horses' hooves.  How he smiles when he hears the water crashing.  How he rolls the notes along the wave.  Who this man is?  I'd like to thank him and whoever made this.

tad neuhaus: tom and cymbal
joanna dane: steel drums

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