Everything I Know About Picture Frames (a tangent)

I am looking for a picture frame in the woods.  It seems like a picture frame wouldn't be difficult to spot, nailed to a tree, because it would be such a contrast to the bark and leaves.  Yet I haven't found the framed poem a student said she nailed to a tree along this path.  This is not the same class that wrote everything they know about picture frames.  In that class one girl said she knows that picture frames hold memories.

I prefer to tack things to the wall because though it is nice to have a thing framed, I am most likely not to get around to framing the objects I'd like to have framed. I have stacks of things that I mean to frame, funny old postcards and parts of maps and children's drawings and many photographs.  But if I really want to look at it, I better just tack it to the wall.  I ordered a print from a website I appreciate, some sort of map of creativity.  It was more than I've ever spent on a poster so I want to frame it.  I want to wait until I get a frame before I open it, but I don't know what size frame to get unless I open it.  So it sits in the corner unopened.

Last year for my husband's birthday, I framed some old family photographs and hung them in the stairwell.  Everyone was unhappy with my efforts for different reasons, so I ran out of steam for the project even though great chunks of the family are not yet represented which is not the thing that bothers my husband, but is the thing that bothers me.

Those not yet represented, please forgive me and frame a few family photographs and bring them to Thanksgiving to add to the family photo wall.  Thank you.  

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