Some Notes On Essay Writing That I Thought Would Turn Into An Essay But Didn't

The essay will be about a particular subject but after a while, it will wander away from that subject because that's how thought works and essays are attempts at capturing thoughts.

Essay writing is like doing patchwork.

Some repetition is pleasing.  Too much is boring.

I am thinking about vines.

In the ninth grade, we had an enthusiastic student art teacher who taught us to draw giant chalk portraits as fast as we could with a really loose arm.  We did, laughing, embarrassed at how dumb our portraits looked.  But it felt good to draw like that.  So I kept doing it.

Contemplate why the edited view of a landscape, framed and hung on the wall, can be more powerful than witnessing the actual landscape.  Is it the same with a face?

End with a conclusion.

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