Summer Plans

I reached for the coffee grinder the first day of summer and suddenly I'd had enough of the tohuwabohu.  I spent the morning clearing the kitchen of all it's clutter.  Today, I cleaned the refrigerator, recycled the newspaper/magazine/school flier pile.  I have big plans to go through my drawers and to clean up the basement during the first heat wave.   My desk needs attention as well as my desktop.  How to manage all this data?

Of course, there's the painting, the album making, the fruition of the backyard art garden.  There's seeds to plant and holes to dig and an endless supply of grass to mow.  There's the house to buy and transform into an improvisational art space.  There's letters to write and presents to send and a lot of porch sitting to be done.  There's lessons to be planned and plans to make plans for the plans we have yet to make.

I open my sock drawer, ready to begin.  But decide to close it again.


  1. I remember a quote from your significant other from a few years back: " How many pairs of shoes does one crazy woman need?" ( Maybe I have interjected "crazy" in the wrong place - was it "crazy pairs of shoes"?) Anyway, from one crazy sock hoarder to another, I applaud the colors spilling from your sock drawer. The more socks crammed into one drawer (or, in my case, one under-the-bed slide out plastic container), the better, I say! Socks love company, the more the merrier. Sorting is overrated! Make a great pasta dinner instead!!

    1. Honeybee, Glad to hear I am in good company! And yes, I think both "shoes" and "woman" got the "crazy" modifier.