Three Wife and Husband Stories

One woman freshly wed, brings a casserole to the dinner table.  "How is it?" she asks her husband.

"Not as good as my mother's," he says with a mouthful of food.  She raises an eyebrow at him, picks up the casserole and pitches it at the wall.

She smiles at her new husband and says, "Then don't eat it."

The husband never criticizes her cooking again.


Another newlywed goes to the shoe store and buys some wild looking heels she normally wouldn't even consider.  She puts them on when she gets home.  "What do you think?" she asks her husband.

"They're the ugliest shoes I've ever seen," he says.

She locks herself in the bathroom and cries.

The wife never buys another pair of wild looking shoes and the husband, without even looking, always says her shoes are beautiful.


A new wife makes her new husband his favorite meal, knish.  "How is it?" she asks.

"Not as good as my mother's," he says.  Every week, she makes knish for her husband, hoping to satisfy him.  And every week she asks, "How is it?"

And every week he answers, "Not as good as my mother's."

After years of this, the wife goes to her mother-in-law's house.  "Could you make me some knish?" she asks her mother-in-law.

The wife brings the knish home and puts them in her cooking pan.  That night she serves them to her husband.  "How is it?" she asks.

"Not as good as my mother's," he says.

"They are your mother's," she replies.

And never makes him knish again.

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