A Note to Elyse About The Cat

This song, for example, I had to listen to a dozen times until I started to like it.  But that's the good thing about tiny songs.  To listen to even the longest one a dozen times takes only sixteen minutes and eight seconds.  Did you know that the man who invented (the security code box where you type in elongated letters and numbers that spy bots can't decipher) felt so guilty about all the time people waste on his invention (an average of something like 6.9 seconds a day) that he invented a way to mine the millions of lost seconds by using the typed responses to translate books.!?  Impossible it seems at first, as does drones, eyeglasses with internet connection, and 3D printers, but how readily it makes sense and no longer shocks me unless I stop to really think about it, which I don't.  I wrote a letter that started off by stating that it's been ages since I've written a letter, a thing I used to do quite often.  A dying art, that's true.  But there are so many others being born.  I always wanted to know what it was like to live in a revolutionary time.

The basket is full, the shoes are at the door. The boys don't mind staying if there's gonna be more.  The hat is lost again.  The book is in the mail.  Won't you stop on by soon, there's something I'd like to show you.  The cat is under the bed.  Dinner's on the table.  I'm packing for warm weather.  I might be gone for a while.

tad neuhaus, guitar
joanna dane, vocals

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