Cluck or Duck?

Is that the question in your community?

It is in ours.

t-shirt design by Elyse Mische
chicken harness made by Heather Urness


  1. A true libertarian position would be that laws banning either are silly, but ownership of only one of the above is specified in the Constitution. Of course a little common sense is in order sometimes. Personally I would like to see carry permits come with annual vision and marksmanship tests....in a crisis can you hit the broad side of a barn? And the worthy but tragic policy of letting mentally ill folks wander about freely needs a look see.

    Also keep that chicken on a leash.


    1. Fortunately, I've never been in a situation where people are shooting at each other, but from all reports I hear, it is massively chaotic and scary and disorienting. So how can we just trust that everyone carrying a gun is going to be able to properly assess the situation and react in a just and sane manner? Where is the line drawn between mentally stable and mentally ill people? You know as well as I that there is a lot of gray between the two extremes. None of us can accurately predict how we are going to react in a highly stressful situation. Emotions are very powerful and often lead us to saying and doing things we latter regret. No wonder why not enough people are speaking out against this small minority: Who wants to debate a guy carrying a loaded gun?

    2. Ah yes, having been in that situation once (with wife and one month old son no less) I can assure you this is true. They were just punks looking for some quick cash to get high. None of us were hurt, although the same guys did kill a guy in another hold up a few weeks later.

      I have no problem debating a fellow who is making a show of open carry. A guy pointing a sawed off shotgun at me....got nothin' to say, just toss the wallet and look away.

      But some horrors are committed by monsters who do not want your wallet. They want you to prove you are of their religion or they will kill you. Or they are just plain crazy and will kill you in any case.

      No fan of guns here. But laws banning the scary looking ones will not prevent all tragedy.

      Probably a well worded poll would find support for concealed carry to be by more than a small minority. As I said earlier, gotta work on that "well regulated militia" part of the Amendment.


  2. Great news coverage. Love the reporter-on-the-street voice. Thanks for standing up in a small, local, and personal way to the outrage of gun toting. Does the guy who has been harassed in the past feel free to open fire in a crowded market?
    Keep the guns locked up in the shooting range.