That say that each snowflake is unique, that space is infinite.
They say that what appears to be solid is mostly hollow.
They say that our attention is becoming too fractured,
And our ability to concentrate is being undermined by the internet.
They say that eating dark chocolate is good for you.
They say that novel length dreams can occur during just a few seconds of sleep.  
They say cut all the unnecessary words from your writing.
They say that glass is made out of sand. 

They say that stories must have a beginning, a middle, an end.
They say there's no such thing as the boogie man.
They say never give up, no matter how many times you fail.
They say the safest drivers are 40 year old mothers in minivans.
They say that non-fiction means it's true.
They say that smoking is bad for you.
They say that reading makes you smarter.
They say that traveling makes you open-minded.

They say that you can learn to be happier.
And that meditation can cure all sorts of maladies.
They say that middle children are rebellious.
They say follow your dreams, find work you are passionate about.
They say love is the answer.
They say that during war, grown men call out for their mamas.
They say there is someone for everyone.
They say we each have something to offer.

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