Profile of a Non-Reader

What do we know about Pierre?

Pierre is at peace with himself, and so he is at peace with the universe.

He loves without judgement.

He has no expectations nor ambitions.

He senses the unity of all beings, that we are each, stone or cat or bone, nothing more, nothing less, than a portion of manifested energy.

Pierre knows without having to contemplate, that death is our return to this eternal ocean of unmanifested universe.

Pierre runs and nips and sniffs because it makes him happy.  He senses youth the way an ancient man does, with both joy and gratitude.

Pierre does not read because he is all-knowing.  Pierre sits, showing us his belly.

People say: "Pierre is simple."

If Pierre had an ego, he would be proud.

Simple does not mean easy.

But pride, with all its labels and allegiances, is not a sentiment that Pierre experiences.  (Except perhaps when it comes to his belly.)

He is not even enlightened, a testament to his profound enlightenment.

This is all we know about Pierre.  Everything else is pure conjecture.


  1. Pierre, in appearance, resembles George (and Buddy) the canine Fleckner family (in its early years). Regrettably, those lovable rascals lost the contemplative gene somewhere, most notably when it came time to pick fights with their own kind. Chewed ears and muzzles were a regular look for them. Besides the gene problem, there was the family culture of squabbling and resisting that may have seeped into them -- or vice versa. They ran away on a whim, often returning in a squad car. Long gone, like most of the old Fleckners, they remain as alive in memory as any of them.
    Grandpa John

    1. Knowing what I do of the Old Fleckners, those must have some hounds!