Good Times

A. saw K. in line with her Cosmo.
A's mom predicted K. would never make it in the P.C.
R. saw K. and knew he'd never make it without her.  
K. ignored R.
R. was relentless,
Pursuing robbers who snatched his daily planner.
K. relented.
They both made it. 
K. moved to Arizona.  R. moved to New Mexico. 
Proved to be a challenging arrangement.
A. persuaded R. to become a planner.
R. moved to Arizona.
K. and R. got married one hot day.
We parted ways.

Back in the Midwest, reunited. . . . 

Camping trips, winter parades, late night charades.
But K. and R. got wanderlust. 
Off again, to far off lands.
But never fear dear friends,
Our paths will cross again.

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