Day of the Kings

A's birthday comes at an awkward time, when we are all worn out from Christmas and New Year's celebrating.  One year, he got a big bag of sunflower seeds and a homemade card.  This makes our son nearly cry to think of it.  Still, it doesn't mean we've come up with anything better this year.  Here it is, the morning of his birthday and we have neither bag of sunflower seeds nor homemade card.

Back when we first moved to Chippewa Falls, a new friend gave us a big roll of newsprint that we still use nearly every birthday to make a banner.  Last year A's mom called on A's birthday and got a hold of me.  I lamented the fact that I had nothing special for A's birthday, and she said well at least there's a banner, which there wasn't.

This morning there were an unprecedented three banners, though not because we were three times as thoughtful, but because the kids can no longer work communally on one.  Usually I try to at least make a special dinner and favorite dessert.  But this year we can't have cake and ice cream nor chicken tikka masala because of A's recent conversion into a self-righteous vegan.  So there goes that idea.  And we blew our wad over the holiday so a babysitter is out.  Maybe I'll make some lentils and check out a movie from the library that we can watch after the kids are in bed.  There's a new documentary about North Korea that I bet A. is going to love.  Maybe not at first.  But he'll get into the groove of it after 15 minutes or so.

Or not.

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  1. Yeah, and his Dad rummaging around in a brief case on January 18th found the birthday card he had intended to send and promptly mailed it off figuring that any bit of humor in polar Wisconsin in January would be welcome.